Making an appointment with a librarian

Are you looking for some documentation to enrich your presentation? You don't know how begin your research for your dissertation? Your thesis supervisor is asking you to expand your bibliography? Do you need more references to write an article? 

For all this and much more, your librarians are are available to meet you by appointment to give you personalized assistance for your documentary research. Don't hesitate to take advantage of their competences and information retrieval skills and be given individualized support, suited to  your needs.

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For more information, please read instructions issued by the Documentation Service.

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How does it work ?

  • this service is open to every reader registered with Poitiers University Libraries
  • this service provides assistance for documentary research and for document use (paper or electronic) in University Library or via open access
  • this service doesn't offer:
    • any specific or in-depth training sessions as part of the Documentation Service's or the University's courses
    • any loan. If necessary, you will be redirected to the Interlibrary Loan Service
    • any specialized consultation, for example about medical, legal or fiscal subjects
    • any exhaustive bibliography research.
  • the appointment is limited to 2 hours. A second appointment may be offered if necessary
  • appointments take place in the University Libraries. Nevertheless, librarians can go to other places in the University of Poitiers. No appointment is offered at the user's home
  • after receiving your request form, we will suggest several time slots. We answer your appointment request within 72 hours and attempt to propose a meeting within 8 days (on library open days only).


Frédéric Duton
Responsable des services aux publics

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