ODéBU : your discovery tool

What can I find in ODéBU ?

Try it!

With just one request, you can search through:
  • Poitiers University Library's online catalog (books, periodicals, DVD, partitions, e-books...)
  • Both in a set of online resources subscribed to by the University and open resources (Online certified academic resources)
The discovery took is regularly supplied with database and catalog content.
However, due to indexing time, updates don't occur immediately: 2 to 5 days for the catalog, varying duration for external databases.

ODéBU is useful if you want to make a preliminary inquiry, to find specific references or databases. For further information concerning a complex subject, you can directly check on specialized databases.

Most of the resources subscribed by to the university are included to the discovery tool. 
For more information, you can check the list of searchable databases in ODéBU.

How do I search for books only ?

  • If you're looking for printed books or eBooks, you can use the heading "content type" and choose "book / eBook"

Search for printed books and ebooks using the browser below  

  • If you’re exclusively searching for books on site and don’t want to include online resources, use the first heading «refine your search» and choose «library catalog».  
    Using the heading «library location», you can then pick a library (ex: downtown libraries of Poitiers, Niort libraries, etc.). 

Search a resource on site

My search results are not relevant. Why?

The discovery took displays in the following order:
  • Resources including the search term in "title" field
  • Resources including the search term in "subject terms" field
  • Resources including the search term in "full-text" field
Full text research may display irrelevant results. However, those results are sorted by relevance. Please let us know if you notice any inconsistent or misclassified results. 

If you want to know more about the algorithm used by Odebu, please check the company website.

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