Reading, borrowing, reserving items

On-site consultation

Access to the libraries is open and unrestricted for everybody.

You do not have to be registered to come and work in our premises, to consult books in the reading room or in the storeroom or to sit in an easy chair to read our magazines and newspapers. The campus-based Science library and the Ruche also offer places dedicated to video consultation.

However, using the computers or the Wifi network requires registration, as does accessing books loans and certain services as such as Inter Library Loan. 


Registration will allow you to borrow books, serials, DVD and music sheets throughout all the University Libraries within the Service Commun de Documentation (Central Documentation Service).

The Ruche, as well as several University Libraries, lend equipment such as small office material as well as computer hardware, digital and audiovisuel equipment.

Apart from some restrictions, you can borrow an unlimited number of books. The duration of a loan is 28 days for 1st and 2nd cycle students and external users (a 28 days renewal is authorized) and 3 months for postgraduates as well as University staff.

Some documents are subjected to specific restrictions regarding the number you can borrow or their loan duration. Therefore, you can only borrow 5 comic books and 5 DVDs for a 14 days period with no possibility for renewal. Some books which are in high demand (books for preparing competitive exams, some textbooks, legal reference books...) are submitted to specific restrictions that are stated in each University Library.

You can find these specific rules for each library on their page.

Extending the duration of a loan

It is possible to extend the duration of your loans, on certain conditions.
  • an extention is not possible if your documents are late or if you're banned from borrowing books
  • an extention is not possible if the document you need is already reserved by another reader
  • only one extension is allowed per document 
  • extensions are not allowed for specific types of ducuments: DVDs, comic books...
To renew a loan, you can: 
  • ask the staff at your library's reception
  • do it yourself by logging into your reader account (how does it work?) You only need to click on the Renewal link in the Current loan sections.

Reserving a document

You may reserve a document borrowed by another reader. When the document is returned, it will be set aside for you for 4 days and you will be informed of its availability by email. In the meantime, the document's borrower will also an email informing them of a request concerning that document by another user as well as an invitation to return it as soon as possible.

You can reserve a document by the discovery tool Odebu, by clicking on the "Reserve" icon. You will be asked to log in to validate your reservation.

Reserving a DVD or a document with specific loan restrictions is not possible. You also cannot reserve a document if you have been forbidden from reserving items.

Retards et suspensions de prêt

Tout document rendu en retard entraîne l'impossibilité d'emprunter des documents supplémentaires jusqu'au retour des documents en retard.

Merci de rapporter dès que possible les documents réservés par un autre lecteur.

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