Accessing to online documentation

What can I consult?

Poitiers University subscribes to numerous databases, scientific serials, dictionaries, encyclopedia and subscription websites you can access if: 
  • you are a member of the academic community (student, teacher, researcher or staff): from the university computers or from anywhere else (bar exceptions)
  • you are a registered reader at the university library: from the library's computers
  • if you just passing by, at the university from the free internet terminal access in the libraries.
Here are the subscription ressources list, and the free ressources which will be useful for your academic work. 
You can also use this search engine to find ebooks and online periodicals.
These ressources are bought by the Service Commun de Documentation (Central Documentation Service), sometimes in partnership with other universtarian structures as laboratories. Subscriptions or acquisitions are presented to the Conseil Documentaire (Documentation Service board).

How to access to those subscription sites?

You must use an internet adress which contains "" (we talk about proxyfied address). For example the adress becomes  
Every ressource has a specific address that you will find on the resources list by clicking on the "Visit Website" button.   
From your professional computer at the University or from an other personal computer, you should authentify yourself with your SEL account
From the university library computers, you can access without authentification. 

The search engine ODéBU,  lets you access  most of  the online ressources and notifies the documentation inside the libraries (books, DVD, magazines...). The OdéBU URL are automatically proxyfied.  
If you are used to doing your research from your search engine that drives you toward non proxyfied public adresses (ex: Google Scholar,, you have three solutions:  
  • Use Acces@UnivPoitiers service which, in addition to provide you a proxyfied URL, offer you extra services (new version of OpenAccess and links via InterLibraryLoan) 
  •  Put this button in your bookmarks. When you reach a "normal" URL (like or, click on the button to proxify the URL
  • Login via UP

  • Install a plug-in on Firefox or on Chrome, which in one click will transform a classical URL (ex: or into a proxyfied URL. You will have in your toolbar an icon on which you can click as soon as you want to proxyfy a URL. 
>In   the   Firefox   version   (EXProxy   Helper),   once   set-up,   complete the   address in the case "EZProxy URL". 
>In the Chrome version, (EZProxy Redirect), once set-up, complete the address$@ in the case "EZProxy URL". 

What can I do if I have problem access?

You can't reach the article you're interested in ? You're asked for a payment ? You see a blank page or an error message? Here some tips to help you: 
  • check in your search engine that the magazine you want to read is part of the university subscriptions. For example, the Justice professional serial is only accessible from 1997 to 2002. The articles published before or after aren't accessible. 
  • use another internet browser : if you use Chrome, try Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, and vice-versa, to observe if your problem persists.
  • check in your browser's settings that the server's proxy configuration doesn't prevent you from accessing to other websites. 
>Concerning Mozilla Firefox, from the path Menu > Options > Advances > Network > Settings, if your configuration is like this :

try to check "no proxy" or "automatical detection of proxy's settings", then start again your browser and try to reach the resources.
  • if your URL begins by https, try to remove the "s" to obtain a URL beginning by http
  • if you obtain a warning security message, click on "I understand the risks" or add a security exception 
  • try to reach the online ressource by another path: if you comes from ODéBU, use the specific engine research of online serials, or by Google Scholar after   having   setting Acces@UnivPoitiers.
And of course, don't hesitate to contact us: (05 49 45 32 98), (05 49 45 33 17) by describing your problem the most accurately as possible: what you want to consult, where you are, what browser you're using, which path you have choosen, what message error you obtained etc.  

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