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The SCD (Central Documentation Service) at the University of Poitiers provides a high quality centre for Middle Ages resources. This centre is specialized on the period of the Middle Ages. It's a multidisciplinary academic collection. The collection is regularly updated thanks to investment made possible by local structures (University library, CESCM: Poitiers Medieval research center) and specific funds. The SCD uses a part of its budget for this holding. Because the service is part of the CADIST (Center for Acquisition and Diffusion of Scientific and Technical Knowledge), linked to the inter-university library of La Sorbonne, the SCD receives ministry funds. Poitiers University libraries provide an exhaustive collection for CADIST, on the IXth – XIIth centuries. The collection deals with the following themes:
  • Latin literature
  • Musicology
  • Epigraphy
  • Numismatics
  • Paléography
  • History of ideas
  • History of institutions.
The collections above enrich the wider collections covering the Middle Ages:


  • Political, economic, social and intellectual aspects in medieval Western Europe
  • Monastic history
  • Epigraphy, paleography, numismatics, sigillography, heraldic
  • Musicology
  • Archéology
  • Latin, Romance, Germanic and Celtic literature
  • Law.
These collections contain a huge variety of documents (50000 books, 6000 individual articles, 600 periodical titles with many foreign ones) accessible from the Poitevin Middle Ages catalogue (old version of the catalogue), which are obviously entered in the SUDOC gateway.


Poitiers University Library's Centre for the Middle Ages is part of Ménestrel network..


You can find Medieval collections in 3 places : BU Lettres (University Literature Library) on campus, BU Michel Foucault (Michel Foucault University library) in the city center, Documentation Centre (pôle documentaire) at the hôtel Berthelot (CESCM: Poitiers Medieval Research Center). The Medieval catalogue (old version of the catalogue) will give you an easy access to documents on the Middle Ages.


Access and borrow

Documents (books, supply documents, periodicals) are available freely or given on demand when there are kept in the storeroom. Most of them can be borrowed.


For free, you can ask for a book, from another Poitiers University library to the one you are using.



  • Political, economic, social and intellectual aspects in medieval Western Europe
  • Monastic history
  • Epigraphy, paleography, numismatics, sigillography, hieraldics
  • Musicology
  • Archeology
  • Latin, Romance, Germanic and Celtic literature
  • Law.

Type of documents and documentary offer

Type of documents

The Medieval Centre purchases three types of documents:
  • Primary resources (which every study is based on)
  • Secondary resources (bibliographies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc…)
  • Research results (theses, symposiums, etc…)

Documentary offer

Printed documents
- 50 000 books
- 6 000 individual articles
- 600 periodical titles (most of them are foreign titles).

Other formats :

The Medieval Centre provides its readers with many online documents: databases, CDs…. 


You can find the documents in the Poitiers SCD catalogue:


Accès au catalogue Moyen Âge (ancienne version du catalogue)

You can find these documents as well on the following catalogues:


SUDOC (National catalogue of French University libraries)
CCFR (French National Library Collective Catalogue).


Reader services

Document access

You can find Medieval collections in 3 places : BU Lettres (University Literature Library) on campus, BU Michel Foucault (Michel Foucault University library) in the city center, Documentation Centre (pôle documentaire) at the hôtel Berthelot (CESCM: Poitiers Medieval Research Center). 

Welcoming researchers

Our librarians will help University teacher, academics, PhD student, Master degree students to the best of their abilities and to best use the resources in the library.

If you have any question, you can contact the head of the service: Anne-Sophie Traineau-Durozoy -


The head of the Medieval Centre Anne-Sophie Traineau-Durozoy organizes courses on demand (for group of students) to help them to learn about and use the databases. She can also receive any person who wants to know more about the range of documents in Middle Ages History or University library Resources (paper or electronics).

Since 2014, every month, the SCD and the CESCM set up workshops to present electronic resources on the Medieval Era. Two instructors intervene, one academic and one librarian.


Lectures on Middle Ages are regularly given at the François Mitterrand multimedia library and the CESCM in collaboration with "La Maison du Moyen Age".

The topics of these lectures are linked to the publishing news : academics are invited to talk about a subject that they have written about and recently published on.

Thematic bibliographies are crafted for each lecture. You can find them on the website of La Maison du Moyen Age. A few days before each lecture, the books listed in these bibliographies are presented at the BU Lettres or the BU Michel Foucault. You can read or borrow them. 

Interlibrary loan


Interlibrary service treats loan and printing demands about University of Poitiers documents and those coming from other French libraries and foreign libraries are treated by mail, telecopy or email.

This service allows users of Poitiers University libraries to obtain documents which are not located in the University Libraries for consultation or borrowing.

Suggestions for acquisitions


Purchase suggestions can be submitted to the service.


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